Welcome to St Luke's PTFA

Parent-Teacher-Friends Association

A vibrant community dedicated to fostering collaboration, support, and a positive learning environment for our students. Our mission as the PTFA is that we are committed to creating a strong partnership between parents, teachers, and friends to enhance the overall educational experience for every student, and creating lasting memories for life.
Fundraising is lots of Fun

How can I help and get involved?

Contact the PTFA, you can come along to one of our friendly meetings or volunteer at one of our many events. Everyone is welcome and the PTFA are extremely grateful for any time donated to help our course. We know how daunting it can be to walk through the door. We have all done it, but once you are through you will realise it's a fun and friendly environment and all new ideas are welcome.

How we help the school and the local community

As a PTFA, our commitment extends beyond the school gates, positively impacting both the educational institution and the local community. Through various initiatives and fundraisers, we contribute essential resources to enhance the learning environment, ensuring students have access to the best educational tools. Simultaneously, we actively engage with the local community, fostering a sense of unity through events and collaborations. Our PTFA serves as a bridge between the school and the community, creating a supportive network that benefits everyone involved. Together, we strive to create an enriching educational experience and strengthen the bonds within our local village.
School Facilities

Our goals

As the PTFA, our short-term goal is to enhance immediate school experiences through engaging events and fundraisers, fostering a sense of community. In the long term, we aim to contribute significantly to educational resources and infrastructure. Our day-to-day support involves actively listening to the needs of parents, teachers, and students, ensuring a responsive and collaborative environment.
Our short-term focus is to build a vibrant school community through engaging events and fundraisers, fostering immediate connections and support.
Long-term, we aspire to substantially contribute to educational resources and infrastructure, ensuring a lasting positive impact on our school's future.
Day-to-day, we provide responsive support by actively listening to the needs of parents, teachers, and students, creating a collaborative and nurturing educational environment.
Our daily efforts strengthen our ties to the local community, promoting collaboration and mutual support for the benefit of students, families, and the broader community.






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What we do it for

Memories that last, classes that thrive

The PTFA passionately strives to create lasting memories and thriving classes through vibrant engagement and support. By organizing memorable events, and providing resources for academic excellence, the PTFA ensures a holistic and enriching educational experience. With a commitment to building connections and enhancing the learning environment, they contribute to a legacy of cherished moments and flourishing classrooms.